Winter Soul Revival! Emerging from Winter Blues
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Winter Soul Revival! Emerging from Winter Blues

Winter Soul Revival

*Warm foot wrap to start
* Orange oils & candles for aroma-happy
*Palma rosa oil for aroma-calm
*Extra 10 mins of feet to stimulate & revive
*Chilli hot choc shot to finish!

Emerging from winter blues...

Wow! I don't think I've ever experienced a winter hibernation quite like this one ... its been a little surreal ... and from what I hear,  I know a lot of people have been experiencing it too.
Energy has been at a low and while the tendency has been to hunker down and cosy up, its been the times I've been movingmy body that have been quietly restorative. Yoga, dancing Nia, or massaging have lifted the lethargy and helped me connect to what is really needed. This doesn't feel the time to be 'pushing through' but rather working with our bodies and giving them what they need to recover natural vitality.
There have been some really beautiful massage sessions happening over this time, as folk have been naturally a little more internal - in general less deep tissue and a lot more nurturing, relaxing work has been the way! 
Receiving a massage allows you to go with that quieter flow yet be connected rather than in avoidance.
For those who love to read about how and why massage is so helpful in easing the blues, its at the end of this email, but we intuitively know - massage is great for us! 

So my gift to you - a glowing winter treat that is going to take us all the way to Spring! 

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